Mercy Collective is an impact organization that provides consulting to enterprises and initiatives doing good, promoting mercy, healing people, and renewing communities.  

Through our services, we assist with creating transformative solutions to social, community, and organizational issues.  

Mercy Collective’s vision is promoting healing and community renewal in the areas of Central Appalachia most devastated by addiction, poverty, and cultural destruction. To achieve this vision, we will utilize a range of tools to create the greatest good for those with the least and at the margins.

Our mission is mercy with a vision of creating and supporting initiatives that do likewise.  An initiative is “an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something.”  The space we create is about a healing space; the place we are set on serving is parts of Central Appalachia that have been devastated by poverty and addiction – primarily southwestern Virginia, southern West Virginia, central and eastern Kentucky, and eastern Tennessee.

Our Vision…

We believe healing from the trauma of addiction, poverty, abandonment, and hopelessness is possible.  We believe community renewal is possible.  We know we can sustainably connect healing and renewal. We believe that healing does not happen in a vacuum, that our individual healing and recovery stories are intimately connected to community healing and betterment.

We believe that individual healing and well-being should lead to the betterment of the entire community.  Addiction and poverty are both personal and public; they devastate individuals, families, local culture, economies, and entire communities.  We know communities that experience the healing power of recovery can generate community renewal and create solutions for poverty alleviation, community preservation, and sustainable economic development.

If you are committed to initiatives like this or want to partner with us, feel free to contact us (on the Contact page) or contact the founder, Niles Comer at niles@mcollective.net or 540.313.2204.