Mercy Works Initiative is a social enterprise assisting people in recovery and those with past justice system involvement in securing livable wage employment and in maintaining a recovery-based lifestyle of wellness.

This is our mission and vision because we know that mercy works. We believe that most people in life are in need of second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. We do not believe that poor choices from our past should determine the opportunities in our future for Making a Living and Making a Life – foundations for a good quality of life.

Employability, is defined, as the quality of being suitable for paid work.

Many people in recovery and returning citizens struggle not only with the availability and opportunities of finding suitable work but with even being considered EMPLOYABLE. This is due much of the time to the stigma associated with addiction and criminal justice involvement. But let’s be honest, it also comes from employers and society as a whole. Mercy Works Initiative is on a mission to change that.

As those of us in recovery know, when living a Lifestyle of Recovery, we become better people – better workers, parents, friends and better citizens. We know recovery works, not only by removing active addiction from our lives but by restoring us back to our communities in every way possible. We know restorative practices work as well in helping restore people to active participation in the community. And when we combine the principles of recovery with restorative practices transformation occurs on a personal, social, community, and economic level. We know from firsthand experience that recovery and restoration are possible spiritually, mentally, physically, occupationally and communally. That is mercy at work and that is how we know mercy works…

If you believe mercy works then get in touch with us by emailing Niles Comer at niles@mercyworks.net or click on Contact Page.